Infinity Blade 3 for iOS

Infinity Blade 3 is the latest entry from CHAIR entertainment and the sequel to its popular predecessor, Infinity Blade 2.

This game has been highly regarded by gaming pundits as one of the best games in the Apple app store to date. And rightfully so, this game has been downloaded more than 15 million times in the App store. That is just a testament to how great this game is.

For those of you who are not familiar with this gaming franchise, the Infinity Blade 3 for iOS mobile phones is an action-adventure game that makes use of the intuitive touch and swipe gestures of your Apple mobile phone.

Now, what features are different in the Infinity Blade 3 for iOS mobile phones? Actually, there are many things that are different and we will go over them in this article.

The story revolves around the Knight Siris and his companion, Isa, as they joined ranks with the God-King Raidriar. Together, they will attempt to free the land from captivity from the Worker of Secrets and their vast army of undead minions.

The mission is noble and it is also very hard as well. Your ultimate goal is to unlock the true powers of the Infinity blade to help you battle these nefarious creatures. As the game developers put it, the game is about a “…timeless adventure of champions and villains.”

As mentioned earlier, the Infinity Blade 3 for iOS makes use of the iPhone’s touch controls. You can pretty much do everything with the touch controls from blocking attacks, dodging incoming projectiles, casting magical spells, and simply hacking and slashing the enemies.

There are certain touch and swipe gestures you can do to perform a particular task. Fortunately, you can set these swipe gestures according to your preference.

The game also sports an easy navigation scheme. All you have to do to really explore the game is just tap the area of the screen and Siris will go to that specific location. You can do this and you can uncover a lot of mysteries the game’s world has to offer.

If there is one huge thing that has changed from the previous Infinity Blade games, it is most probably the environment. The Infinity Blade 3 for iOS mobile phones now has a massive and immersive gameplay environment.

Players can marvel at the scenery, beautiful landscapes, and a game full of storyline and side quests. There will never be a dull moment when playing this game.

In previous Infinity Blade games, you can only control the Knight Siris. But in this game, you can now control Siris’ thief companion, Isa. Both of them have three different unique combat styles and it is up to you to choose which one suits your playstyle the most.

What I love about the Infinity Blade 3 for iOS is that you can connect online and you can join other players in the quest to find loot and other treasures hidden across the land. You can team up with other players up to a maximum of 5 members in a party for a really fun experience.

Since this game uses mobile internet connection, be sure to get the help of mobile phone signal boosters so that you will not lag in-game.

The Infinity Blade 3 for iOS costs $7 and is available in the Apple App store.